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Mar. 6, 2017 will be the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Spirit creator Will Eisner. That week is now annually celebrated as Will Eisner week, and a few major cities have events. I think it would be appropriate to read something by him to discuss, even if it's just a couple of Spirit short stories, but we could do one of Will's later works as well. Any suggestions?
Waiting For the Frog

Some weeks back, Ian suggested we do a review of the issues of Walt Simonsons’s Thor run in which Thor, Prince of Asgard, is turned into a frog. It’s one of the most controversial Thor stories of all time, and I think the only Simonson Thor story that is disliked by anybody. I don’t think any or our reviewers have had a chance to read the story since it came up, and I’m not sure when Ian is going to schedule it, so I’m not going to review it … yet. Instead I want to talk about the almost 700 pages of Thor stories written and mostly drawn by Simonson before the controversial Frog story, and Simonson’s work that preceded that.
Back in the 1970s, when I was in about fourth grade, I remember speaking on the phone to my one comic book reading friend, Darrin, about my then-favorite comic book artist, Neal Adams. Darrin told me that his favorite comic book artist was Walt Simonson, and, as I recall, this opinion was entirely based one reading one comic book, an issue of …