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CBLDF supporting LGBTQIA - Add an "S" for STRAIGHT please!

Have either of you been following the efforts of the CBLDF? I'm curious about your thoughts on it. Just glancing at a recent printed update they put out, it seems to be very largely a LGBTQIA (actual quote, no letters added) advocate, rather than an organization merely dedicated to helping pay legal fees of artists and comic shop owners who have run into trouble with the law. Many of their battles now seem to be about getting books back into public schools (both libraries and curriculums) that were banned for including sexual lifestyles that just a few years ago were completely societally unacceptable. Many of these books are for the elementary school level.
I remember a couple of decades ago visiting a store in Glendale, California that carried a large number of books that were sexually explicit. I didn't have a problem with that, but I did have a problem with the fact that, rather than separating out the R or X rated books, all of their books were organized alphabetically. Th…