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Love that Chaykin...

Howard Chaykin is at it again and I'm loving it.
I got to meet the iconic reputedly curmudgeon artist at last year's comic con in San Diego.  From the countless horror stories I've heard about the infamous writer / artist I held my heart deep in my chest as I saw him from across the hall.
His reputation was gruff, offensive, rude, and downright mean, but I had no personal qualms so I approached the juggernaught and stayed to the side as I overheard his conversation with another attendee.
When they other group left I had him to myself and was able to get to know the man.  We talked about oppression, depression, and he opened up with his personal thoughts about his own mother that would make Whistler start from scratch.  He got comfortable and I got to know him a little more than most I think.  
At the end of a really enticing and explorative conversation, he gave me his card and offered to k…