JLA and the creative process it took...

Written by Chet on November 23rd:
We saw it. It's official - Wonder Woman is definitely a better leader than Batman. At least, the O'Neil edited Batman. 

It is obviously not the movie that preview audiences saw. Darkseid is completely missing, Superman is never under Darkseid's control, Diana's part (as well as the Amazons' plot point) is increased, at least one of the epilogues is a different teaser, and the dark scenes that didn't need to be dark were enhanced - almost all of which could be done in the editing stage. (Robert Wise, for instance, was a master at directing his movies in the editing room.) 

Oh, and it had the proper shield on Superman's chest. Haven't seen that on the big screen since "the Quest for Peace." Now if only someone could find his red shorts for him, because he STILL looks like a frozen Kryptonian with no gonads! 

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