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In time of the new "IT" trailer we pull focus to an amazing series: Astro City by Busiek, Anderson, and Ross!

This week's group reading is Astro City  Vol 1: #1 and Vol 2: #4 - 10

What the hell is a "Frog Thor", and other life's mysteries resolved. (Ok not the life's mysteries part, but at the least Frog Thor stuff.)

When reading through this micro-epic Thor story featuring a
tumefied frog, the first question I had was: "Did our Thor ever change to a frog in the actual Norse Mythology?" Turns out... he didn't, BUT...

Simonson's Thor might as well be our updated version of the Norse God's mythology.

That's a belief I accept.

Cyriaque Lamar from Gizmodo has the exclusive with Simonson when it came from the mouth of the horse...

"One of the lessons I got from Stan and Jack when I was a reader in the 1960s was that if you keep a straight face, you could do anything. I didn't want to do camp, but with Frog Thor, there were several things going on. I'm an enormous Carl Barks fan...I wanted to do something as a tribute to Carl Barks. Those were funny animals, but they were straight, smart stories that were accessible to adults and kids." 
(see the full interview here.)

The first thing I acknowl…

Thor Croaks! Comments About Thor 363-366

Thunder Frog Theme Song (sung to the tune of Underdog theme song: )
There’s no need to fear, thunder frog is here!
turned to a frog by Loki’s curse how could things get any worse? his belt of strength still keeps him strong so he can still right any wrong speed of lightning, roar of thunder
fighting all who rob or plunder
Thunder frog. Thunder frog!
when big mean rats in New York try to poisonthe water tank their evil plan does no man know to whom can the poor park frogs go? to Thunder frog!Thunder frog!Thunder frog!Thunder frog! Pow’r of lightning, god of thunder
fighting all who rob or plunder
thunder frog. thunder frog!

Okay, it’s a silly song, and most of it was stolen from the original Underdog theme song anyway but I had fun with it and enjoyed singing the chorus while reading the thunder frog story that started on the last page of The Mighty Thor #363 and wraps up in issue 366. I think Walt had a ton of fun writing and drawing the story…
Mar. 6, 2017 will be the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Spirit creator Will Eisner. That week is now annually celebrated as Will Eisner week, and a few major cities have events. I think it would be appropriate to read something by him to discuss, even if it's just a couple of Spirit short stories, but we could do one of Will's later works as well. Any suggestions?
Waiting For the Frog

Some weeks back, Ian suggested we do a review of the issues of Walt Simonsons’s Thor run in which Thor, Prince of Asgard, is turned into a frog. It’s one of the most controversial Thor stories of all time, and I think the only Simonson Thor story that is disliked by anybody. I don’t think any or our reviewers have had a chance to read the story since it came up, and I’m not sure when Ian is going to schedule it, so I’m not going to review it … yet. Instead I want to talk about the almost 700 pages of Thor stories written and mostly drawn by Simonson before the controversial Frog story, and Simonson’s work that preceded that.
Back in the 1970s, when I was in about fourth grade, I remember speaking on the phone to my one comic book reading friend, Darrin, about my then-favorite comic book artist, Neal Adams. Darrin told me that his favorite comic book artist was Walt Simonson, and, as I recall, this opinion was entirely based one reading one comic book, an issue of …

Hello fellow comic junkies! This week the book club brings one of last years brightest to the table! The VISION!

After doing some research and looking into what books these days are labeled as "good" to "better", and "best", I was recommended this series by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta called The Vision.

Highly recommended from Dave at Dr. Volt's comics connection (our new sponsor Yay!), he says the book just keeps coming back up and selling.  As much as I love the classics, I think it's wise to balance our book club of what's currently considered a "great read" so we can parallel the influential origins and compare thoughts on why or why not.

Our opinions on Vision may bring a bunch of facts to light as well about the character, etc. . .

This story arc is 12 issues long so you'll need TPB 1 and 2 to complete the reading.

To quote Chase Magnett of "It is a story of incredible emotional depth and complexity. Its commentary on life in the suburbs, the struggles of raising a family, and what it means to be human are all…